Etanol Lab Ltd was founded in 2016 in Sabac. The main activity is the production of refined and absolute ethanol. The accompanying products are winter and summer windshield as well as fuel gel.
The ethanol we produce is cereal origin. The production process is based on cereal processing, predominantly corn. The production process is mostly automated and optimized so that there is no harmful impact on the environment. After distillation, only DDGS and water are very rich in proteins and minerals used for livestock fattening. Installed annual production capacity is 2,500,000 liters of ethanol in two basic fractions refined and absolute (dry) ethanol. It is a product of high quality, which is monitored and controlled on a daily basis within its own lab, as well as external accredited laboratories.)
Due to its physical and chemical properties, ethanol has a very wide use in industry and everyday life. It is used for the production of alcoholic beverages, in the manufacture of cosmetics, in the printing industry, in the manufacture of solvents and paints, in the food industry, as motor fuel for motor vehicles …
Production and sale of ethanol in our company is carried out in accordance with all legal regulations. Our clients have all the technical and technological support in the application of our products by our expert team.

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